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UKCTOCS Trial results: Annual ovarian cancer screening


The results of UKCTOCS (UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening), which was partly funded by The Eve Appeal and led by UCL, were published today in The Lancet.

The trial was the largest ever clinical trial in one disease and followed over 200,000 women for 16 years to see whether annual screening for ovarian cancer could get women diagnosed earlier and save lives.

Two methods of screening were tested: transvaginal ultrasound scans, or a CA125 blood test followed with a transvaginal ultrasound if needed (multimodal screening).

It was found that annual multimodal screening led to 10% more cases of ovarian cancer being diagnosed in stage 1 or 2 compared to having no screening. Unfortunately, annual screening didn't lead to more lives being saved- which is needed to recommend a national screening programme. This is disappointing news, but the researchers and Eve are hopeful that one day we will have an effective screening programme to pick up ovarian cancer in the UK.

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