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**We are still available during the COVID-19 outbreak but we may take a little longer to get back to you**

From Thursday 1 April 2021, Barmston Medical Centre, Pennywell Medical Centre and The Galleries Health Centre will be part of Monument Surgeries.


A Message from Judith Taylor, Head of General Practice, Sunderland GP Alliance

We are writing to all of our registered patients to let them know about the name change and reassure them that this will not change the way they access services.  All of our contact details, including the telephone numbers for our practices will stay the same.

All three practices have been part of Sunderland GP Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation which supports general practice across the City, since 2016.  The name change marks an exciting new chapter and is an important step in our journey together as ‘Monument Surgeries’. 

By working even more closely together as Monument Surgeries, we now hope to improve services for patients even further.  For example, by offering people more choice to access appointments and developing more specialist services close to people’s homes and within our local communities.

From Thursday 1 April 2021, you will start to see new signs around our practices with our new name and all correspondence in future will be from Monument Surgeries. 

If you have any queries about our new name, please email me at Judith.taylor9@nhs.net



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